Clinical Consultation

Do you have questions about Social Work Practice??  Social Workers are advised and encouraged to seek clinical counsel from a member of the profession whenever possible. Integrative Therapeutic Services, Inc. offers specialized skills, knowledge and consultation advice external to the agency/profession to help close the gap in any unanswered questions that you may have about social work practice.

LCSW Supervision

As Licensed Clinical Social Workers.  It is also our desire and goal to offer professional enhancement to our/your career as a Social Worker.  We offer an extensive specialized knowledge and skills for the development of competent Social Workers who have the desire to practice at the independent level in Mississippi.  We offer supervision at an affordable cost for the working professional.  Our staff have completed the required hours and testing of course work at the clinical level to provide ongoing education to clinicians seeking to become an LCSW.  We strive to develop professional Social Workers who are competent with the clinical knowledge and skills as well as the self awareness that it takes to be dynamic practitioners.